I have had many deliveries over the past two years both in bulk loose and small dumpy bag quantities; the product has consistently been fantastic.

The staff and delivery drivers have been immensely helpful and they have always been brilliant at putting the order exactly where I want it to go; regardless of how awkward I have made it for them

Mrs J HartHankerton

Over the last two years I have been dealing with Crapper & Sons and am extremely pleased with their products and service provided. Compared to some of their competitors, which I had used earlier, they are miles ahead.

I recommend them to anybody looking for compost or topsoil for their garden.

Sigurd WilbergCricklade

My father thinks I have finally inherited his green fingers, when in reality it was Mr. Crapper’s soil improver that made the difference.

Mr CorcoranSwindon

We used Mr Crapper’s peat free soil improver in our tubs and baskets last year and had the best display we have ever had. We also used it to improve the soil of our veg patch and the results were amazing, our bean crop was fantastic.

Mr CadburyWitney

The PAS100 Compost produced by Crapper and Sons is consistently very good and the service provided to a very demanding customer like us, even better

Patricio HudsonTechnical ManagerFreeland Horticulture Limited

My flower beds tend to sink every year; in 2012 I first mixed soil improver compost with the topsoil I used to top them up.

I planted as normal and could not believe the improvements in growth within a year. I have repeated this every year and the flowers are looking fantastic.

I am so pleased!

Miss HaynesCirencester