• Perfect for enriching flower beds & more

    Our quality blend of compost and topsoil is ready for planting. Perfect for flower beds, vegetable gardens or as a base for a new lawn.

    Our Topsoil/compost blend

    Per 0.8m3

  • A Family business with 70 years experience

    The secret to our compost has been passed down the generations of the Crapper family.

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    Melcourt Products

    Topsoil, Compost, Bark, Mulch and Playbark from peat free, natural and sustainable materials.

    Bark, Mulch & Playbark
  • Ideal for Planting Vegetables

    Encourages healthy vegetable growth whilst improving your soil’s moisture retention and structure.

    Our Compost

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  • Topsoil

    Topsoil & Compost Mix

    0.8 m3

    Includes free local delivery

    A pre-mixed growing medium made from a mixture of BSI PAS 100 peat-free compost and recycled topsoil. This product is ready for planting straight into and is quick and easy to use.

    Ideal for topping up pots or flower beds, planting vegetables in, filling holes in the garden and as a base layer for turf or grass seed.

  • Soil Improver Compost

    Soil Improver Compost

    0.8 m3

    Includes free local delivery

    The BSI PAS 100 and CQP certification attributed to the product guarantees a highly nutritious, 100% recycled peat-free soil improver ideal for enriching existing soils, improving their structure and helps to suppress weed growth.

    Please note that it is not suitable for planting directly into; for this please see our Topsoil/Compost Blend.

  • Topsoil


    0.8 m3

    Includes free local delivery

    We supply topsoil conforming to BS 3882:2015.

    Suitable for all your gardening and landscaping needs. Carefully blended topsoil, fine textured, free flowing, easy to handle and virtually stone free.

    Available in bulk bags or as loose loads.

Bark, Mulch & Playbark

Melcourt manufacture garden and landscaping products including bark, mulch and natural play surfaces.

All products are produced in the UK to a consistent specification, from peat free, natural and sustainable materials which have been tried and tested for many years.

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Whether you are creating a family lawn, developing a commercial site or completing a landscaping project we have three excellent varieties of turf.

For more information please contact us.

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Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are a simple versatile tool for all home owners or landscape gardeners. You can create steps, walls and other features giving depth and context to your garden.

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Do you have an exciting garden project on the go and would like to dispose of the waste? We can help.

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What Our Customers Say…

My flower beds tend to sink every year; in 2012 I first mixed soil improver compost with the topsoil I used to top them up.

I planted as normal and could not believe the improvements in growth within a year. I have repeated this every year and the flowers are looking fantastic.

I am so pleased!

Miss HaynesCirencester