About Us

Growing Vegetables

Mr Crapper’s Potting Shed is the result of almost 70 years potting shed ‘research and development’. It was the current Mr Crapper’s grand-father who first started making his own compost, to help him to grow bigger and stronger plants.

His secrets were passed down the generations and the current Mr Crapper now makes his compost from recycled green material at his farm in Wiltshire.

For the past five years his compost has been applied to his own 170 acres and his neighbours’ farmland, with great results in both crop size and yield.

Now, Mr Crapper has been persuaded to share his peat-free compost with everyday gardeners. So, you and your plants can enjoy the benefits, too.

Our compost is made from fully recycled green materials, creating a product high in vital nutrients, without the need to add peat.