Melcourt Spruce Ornamental

0.8 m3


A popular, high-performance mulch, suitable for a wide range of landscape applications. this mulch suppresses weed growth replacing need for chemical weed-killing. Helps to conserves soil moisture, minimising drought stress on plants so eliminating the need for excessive plant watering. Naturally acidic. Hostile living environment for pests.

Provides an insulating layer, substantially reducing the effects of ground freezing and over-heating during extreme weather conditions.

Slowly improves the soil’s organic content, as it decomposes into the soil. RHS Endorsed.

Nominal particle size 5–35mm. Minimum installation depth 75mm/3”

Fire tested in accordance with BS 4790: 1987

Processed from natural, sustainably produced mixed conifer bark. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified