Sustain Cardboard Horse Bedding



Sustain Cardboard Horse Bedding offers a dust-free, warm and comfortable cushion bed for your equine friend as well as being 100% recycled ensuring a great sustainable, environmentally friendly product.

This dust-free bedding offers horse owners a great healthy bedding option. If your horse suffers with breathing or dust allergies such as RAO and COPD we extract the dust through the manufacture process and seal the bags so it’s in great condition when you receive it.

Sustain is 100% recycled clean cardboard shredded into small 20mm lengths making mucking out light and easy with a standard shavings fork. Research shows cardboard is 3x more absorbent than straw and 2x more absorbent than shavings. Any wet compacts into a small area and the cardboard falls through a fork easily ensuring minimal waste.

Yard owners who worry of oversized muck heaps and storage can rest easy, Sustain is 100% compostable/biodegradable meaning smaller muck heaps and more appealing to whoever may be taking your muck heap away. But we can help with this and offer a service to also collect your muck, bring it back to our site and recycle it for you!

At £6 for a 20kg bale or a pallet of 16 for £96 we believe it’s great value as well.

We deliver free to our local community and apply a small delivery charge when we can deliver to areas slightly further afield.

Please order online or give us a call today and book your bedding on 01793 853998.